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You can buy this exact WordPress website at  We upload one huge website to a domain name of your choice.  There are a total of 10, different styled/types of huge websites that you can choose from.  They all come with over 120 pages/templates.  We have simplified the typical website upload and setup process for you by creating templates, adding code, applying fixes, and implementing best practices into your site.  You can purchase a site for Ecommerce, Ebooks, Music, Video, Photography, Forums, Memberships, Social Networking, Blogging, and more!

We use WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS).  It is a software program that allows “non techie people” to build a professional website from scratch.  WordPress is globally used and has become the respected standard for website creations.  There is quite an extensive learning curve if you are not familiar with websites though.  At we have simplified the website upload and setup process for you.  You choose what type of site you need, we upload it, set you up on a hosting plan, and give you all the tools to be successful.  Your site comes with over 120 templates, customized CSS and code, and a walk through video tutorial for everything on your site.  You just need to add your pics and your content!  This service WILL save you hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration.

All other themes and web services allow you to upload pre-made templates, but none of them allow you to upload 120 single pages that are already customized.  None of them sell you a pre-made website with the WordPress Plugins already installed.  None of them implement common fixes and give you code.  None of them make it as easy for you as we do!  We solved all the headaches for you!

Don’t be fooled by renter sites like Wix or SquareSpace.  You don’t OWN your website with them, OR all of your hard work that you put into building the site.  They own it, and they make you pay them monthly to keep it!  When you buy this site, you own it, you can change anything, you can physically take the files with you, and you can upload it anywhere on any hosting platform.  It’s Yours!  We have made it so you have full control and have the ability to make any type of website that you wish to have.  If this website was made from scratch with HTML code and Javascript, it would cost about 100 thousand dollars…But thanks to WordPress and great web developers, you can get the functionality of high priced sites for cheap!  We just simplify that process for you and remove all of the common time consuming issues.  We also have video tutorials for everything that we put on your site!  Our main focus is to save you time and money!

For Businesses and individuals expecting less than 5,000 page visits per day, we suggest you should be on a Virtual Private Cloud Server (VPS).  We set you up on a Digital Ocean or Vultr VPS Cloud Server.  You can choose or we can decide what’s best for you based on certain criteria.  GoDaddy’s Managed WP Servers are also great for smaller sites.  They use new solid state drives (SSD) and have modified WordPress and their servers to better handle the plugins and any high CPU that WordPress generates.  These servers are better than traditional shared hosting.  They are safer and offer better security as well.  If you are receiving over 5,000 visits per day on your website, then we would most likely set you up on a dedicated server.

Cloud servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the same thing and the names are often used interchangeably.  Do not be fooled though; There are hosting companies that sell VPS that are NOT cloud servers.  This is because, older VPS are still in use and do not offer the same features and flexibly as the new ones.  New Cloud Servers or new VPS offer much better flexibility for sites that get large amounts of on and off traffic, as you can purchase higher resource levels as you go.  You can even set the server so it automatically adjusts for you depending on your traffic.  Cloud Servers are the way of the future and are quickly growing because they are very fast and are more reliable for speed.  You can even choose where you would like your server to be around the world so you can reach a certain geographical area.  Most cloud server companies have several server locations to support all areas of the world…(thus leading to faster connections depending where you visit your site from).  They also use solid state drives (no moving hard drive parts) and share the server with other customers, but resource levels are designated just to you so you wont get bogged down by other sites on the server.

The problem with Cloud Servers is that they are very difficult to setup if you don’t know what you’re doing.  The good VPS companies don’t offer control panels yet, so making changes and uploading your site is not as easy.  BUT!  We set you up with a company that creates a control panel for you and has a great VPS structure (easy setup).  They support the best Cloud server companies like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and Google!

Once you reach 5,000 customers/visitors a day, you will want to move your site to a dedicated server (Not shared hosting, Not cloud servers, Not older VPS’).  These Dedicated Servers are specifically built for you and your website.  You don’t share resources such as, memory, ram, cpu, bandwidth, drives, etc, with anyone else.  Your site will be capable of handling millions of visits per month without crashing.

Much of shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS cloud hosting is around 15 dollars a month.  Dedicated servers usually start at around $125 per month.  Do not purchase anything in-between except for a cloud resource increase.  Those are all sales pitches.  A content delivery network (CDN) could also be configured with your server if you need to support global traffic.  These are storage units placed around the world that store a copy of “Some” of your websites content for faster loading times in a specified area (much like VPS cloud servers).   If you have a WordPress site, your best bet is to stay on OUR (not others…others are different) Managed WordPress Hosting (or a VPS) until you grow your traffic.  If you reach 5,000 visitors a day, you will have no problem affording a dedicated server or a high end cloud server.  We can transfer your site to the appropriate hosting plan if you get too popular!  Thousands of viewers every day is a lot of traffic for any website and you will be making lots of money if you have monetized you site!  We will only provide you with a service that we trust, such as the site that WE created for you and the hosting that WE use or are familiar with!

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Your site has over 120 pre-made pages.  It is has loads of CSS code already in place to better serve your needs.  This site is designed to save you hours and hours of work…Even years if you are a newbie webber. 

Learning WordPress and X Theme may take a day or two with OUR help and quick tutorials, but once you get the hang of it, you will understand the value of having everything set up for you already.  You can use any of our pre-made pages as your Home Page.  You can use any page for anything!  No matter what type/styled, HUGE Website you buy from us; they all come with the templates from our “View All Pages” page.

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