Contact Us!

If you use an instance of Contact Form 7, which is below to the right, be sure to also leave you email on the page.  You always want to be certain that people can reach you if something isn’t working correctly.  There are many factors that come into play with the functionality of websites.  Sometimes but rarely, problems exist that have nothing to do with your site or plugins.  Always leave alternative contact info!


Address 555 Business Lane

Phone 555.555.1234



Monday – Friday 6am – 10pm

Saturday 4am – 12pm

Sunday 8am – 9pm

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Be sure to use this map code as well as this phone code.  The map does not zoom in when you scroll over it, which is what you want.  The phone number in the contact section is set up to direct dial on mobile phones (so you just have to click the number for it to dial).  To achieve this look, simply do into (Cornerstone/Layout/ Templates/Themeco Blocks/Get In Touch), and then add the block.  You can drag and drop accordingly after the block is inserted at the bottom of your page.