This is a rather large page.  Some images in cornerstone may not show up and the page may take a while to load.  The live page will work fine.  You can still add and remove your pics, or use this page as an example and create a new one.

This Gallery page offers  a few cool features.  The pictures are set to Parallax, which means they have a cool scrolling effect on desktop computers.  The two buttons above are set to navigate down the page when you click them (just like the home page “Home 13 One Page Nav”).  

We have also added “Next Page” to a Raw Content Element.  This allows you to create another page without actually setting up another page in WP.  It creates a “page 2” button at the bottom of your page.  Anything that you add in Cornerstone, after that code, will generate onto page 2.  You can add the “Next Page” code again to create a third page, and so on and so on.  Depending on what your content is, cornerstone will start to show latency and sluggish behavior if you make two many “Next Pages”, but the live site will still function the same.  The “Next Page” page feature is great for long text that you don’t want to go on for a mile down your page.  It is also great for increasing your page speed when your pages become too large in file size.  Simply cut your page in half with “Next Page” so the size of the page is evenly distributed. 

We have created bigger “Page Buttons” for you at the bottom of the page and linked them accordingly.  This can all be done with a text element.

If You want to use One Page Navigation Buttons and link them accordingly on a “Next Page” page (like page 2), then be sure to remember that the section number in cornerstone that references your button scroll, will not be correct as listed.  When you create a “Next Page” page, the count resets.  That means you have to count the sections individually starting right below your Raw Content Element where you have implemented “Next Page.”  In this case, on page 2, the picture that we referenced to the Button at the top of the page, is in Section 3 , not Section 18.  If you remove the “Next Page” code then it would be Sections 18

Fenway Park


Fenway Farms


Fenway Farms


Fenway Farms


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