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This Contact Form is made with a plugin called Contact Form 7 (CF7).  It allows your visitors to get in touch with you immediately through email.  It’s greatest utility tool is the file attachment section.  This allows your visitors to send many file formats right from your site.  You receive these attachments instantly via email once they are sent.  You can change the settings and allow for many file types to be sent, or only ones that you specify in the CF7 form section.  You can change the file size limit as well if you don’t want people bogging down your site trying to send large unnecessary files.  Some of the file types that are acceptable and already set up in your account are…


Below you will see all of the best features of CF7.  There are other options and other buttons you can add or change.  On the WP Dashboard (with all the plugins on the left), you will see a contact plugin that you can click on.  You can set up your mail and all your settings in there.  You can create multiple forms and multiple buttons in each form.  The ones below are the only ones that you will need though.  We have set them up for you and explained how each one works.

You need to remember 4 HTML codes for CF7…

  1. <p></p>…allows you to type paragraphs.
  2. <pre></pre>…puts a container and allows for double spacing
  3. <br>…make sentences go to the line below
  4. &nbsp…creates space below paragraphs or sentences

If you don’t know HTML then these codes wont make sense until you open the CF7 plugin form and look at the HTML editor where all your content is.  It is very simple to understand if you look at how it is set up and find these 4 codes.  Go back and forth between the actual live form page and the CF7 plugin page.  You can also read the tips that are attached to each form button.  You can see them live below, as well in the CF7 HTML editor (form).

To the right is a Sidebar called Home 14 File Upload  (Appearance/Sidebars).  The contact form is placed in the sidebar from the widget section (Appearance/Widgets).  CF7 gives you a shortcode to paste into a Visual Editor Widget (which is already set up).  Be weary of where and what you are doing with your form.  If you want it in a sidebar, it will be much more condensed and some of the options are not as fluent.  We have removed the length of some of the button text (the choices or checkboxes) so it is all uniform.  The sidebar contact form is a copy of the one to the left and is called “Contact Form Sidebar”.   For sidebar forms, it may be best to keep them short and simple…Especially if you are adding checkboxes and radio buttons.

There are two email sections below.  You can delete one or keep both.  It’s best to be sure visitors give you the correct information.  When you deal with phone numbers, emails, credit cards, etc, it’s best to make your visitors type that information twice to ensure accuracy.  Credit cards can be taken from  contact forms but you need an SSL certificate on that page, as well as one from your email provider.  Never accept critical information unless you have secured both places.  We offer SSL set up as well.

Required buttons such as “your email” mean that your visitors will NOT be able to send the form to your email if they don’t fill in their email address.  This is simple to set up or remove.  Just place a * after the word email in the HTML form editor.  You will see it when you open up CF7.  If you don’t care what visitors fill out before they send the form, then you can remove the * accordingly.

reCAPTCHA is also available in the form.  It prevents robot and spammers from flooding your email.  See this article to get started…http://contactform7.com/recaptcha/