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Welcome to your own personal facebook!

This is great for Companies, Families, or certain Friend groups that you would like to share personal information with.  You can also turn this page into a Blog and you can post what you want people to see on the home page.  You can also make the content private so only Members can see your whole website.  The members can then communicate with each other and reply to important posts from you.  Maybe you and your family would like to post pics and vote on the next vacation spot!  The plugin used here is called BuddyPress and it works similar to Facebook.

IMG_1760Hit the media button and insert your picture.  Then, align your picture to the right.  Keep your text short on this side unless you want it to wrap around your photo…and check on all devices.  Remember to add (class =”mtn”) to remove text margins and double spacing.  It has been done here already for you.  Your text will wrap around this picture so make sure you add enough text to look pretty on all devices.  This text should go underneath the picture on smaller devices.  These tabs with text and pics can take a very long time to set up correctly.  Please copy the TEXT/HTML code before you attempt to put in your content.  These elements can be tricky and time consuming.  You may have to play around a little bit.  You can always save and refresh the page if your changes aren’t visible as you go.

Fenway Park!

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