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You can take any of these pages and make them your home page.  You can even swap content from one page to another or delete the parts you don’t like!  You can also start with nothing and add your own content!  To view more template pages and revolutionary slider templates, please click PAGE 2.

Click around the Home Pages first and see what interests you!  It is easy to pick up…Or watch our live demo HERE

Home Pages

Home 1 Sport
Home 4 Business
Home 7 Blog
Home 10 Directory
Home 13 1 Page Nav
Home 2 Modern
Home 5 Music
Home 8 Video
Home 11 Members
Home 14 Upload Files
Home 3 Photography
Home 6 ECommerce
Home 9 Social
Home 12 forum
Home 15 Slider

Home Mobile

Mobile Home pages are simply Home Pages that have a scaling code in them to make them fully responsive on Mobile Devices.  With the code applied, you wont see your main menu anymore on smaller devices.  You will get a drop down menu instead, and most of you content will be zoomed in for viewers to easily see it.  Implementing this code (which can be done on any page) also allows you to pick and choose what content you want to be visible on Desktop and invisible on Mobile.  The cool part about the pages without this code, is that they are already designed to be readable and viewable on mobile devices (but this code can be very useful for some websites).  You can also utilize this code and create a link that allows your viewers to choose which way they want to view your site.  This is commonly seen on phones as, “full desktop mode” and redirects you to a desktop version of that site.  For more information on this great mobile feature, please watch our video tutorial HERE

Mobile Home 1
Mobile Home 2
Mobile Home3

Hd Gallery / Photography

HD Gallery 1
HD Gallery 2
HD Gallery 3


Music Page 1
Music Page 2
Music Page 3


Video Page 1
Video Page 2
Video Page 3


Widget Page 1
Widget Page 2
Widget Page 3


Contact Page 1
Contact Page 2
Contact Page 3


About Page 1
About Page 2
About Page 3

Blank Layouts

Blank Layouts, are template pages that are great to use when building pages from scratch.  We have implemented various types of layouts with the appropriate linage and dividends.  Having pictures in place and seeing live templates can help you choose the right templates for your site, but sometimes it is easier to start with a lined layout. 

Blank Home 1
Blank Home 2
Blank Home 3
Blank Buttons 4
Blank Buttons 5
Blank Buttons 6
Blank Elements 7
Blank Elements 8
Blank Elements 9
Blank Text 10
Blank Text 11
Blank Text 12

Ecommerce / Membership Layouts

WooCommerce is the plugin used for your Ecommerce site.  They do provide a store layout for you, but if you are looking to separate yourself from the pack with a unique storefront, you can use the templates below and link the pages to the products you are selling.  For example, let’s say you have a single product that you would like to have a custom page for.  Let’s also say that you want to write a long description and add multiple pictures of your product.  To make this come to fruition, you need to create a custom page (which we have created for you below).  After you choose your template page below, simply link the page to your WooCommerce store.  This method of customization also applies to other plugins such as “Paid Memberships Pro.”  You can create your own custom pages and avoid using the plugin’s “dull” or “outdated” layout.  It is all fun and easy to setup, and there is a video tutorial on that shows you the simplicity of the process. 

Single Product 1
Single Product 2
Single Product 3
Products Two 4
Products Three 5
Products Four 6
Full Store 7
Full Store 8
Full Store 9