Below, are Sidebars in three separate columns.  You can simply set up 3 columns and then add a Widget Element to them…Then choose your Sidebar!  Create a side bar here (Appearance/Sidebars) from the WP Dashboard.  Then add Widgets to your Sidebar here (Appearance/Widgets).  Then go to your page in Cornerstone (like this one) and add them as stated above.  It’s best to NOT go over three columns so your viewers can see everything on desktop and mobile.  This is just an example.  Typically, you would only want to use one Sidebar on the left or right of a page.

We found that voting with the Opinion Polls Plugin, (standard or basic layout look), does not work well with columns.  The one that you see to the left is a more advanced layout (Poll Quiz) with music pictures added.  These ones seem to work great and they do not affect the columns like the basic ones do.  You can still set up basic polls and set them all over your page but it may be best to only use them in one sidebar per page.  If you have many polls, and you don’t want to add photos and have the advanced look, then try adding a text element and place the Poll shortcode into the visual part of the text element.  You cannot duplicate your polls, nor will they show up if you to add the same poll on a page.  Simply create a new one and copy and paste the new shortcode.  We left an example at the bottom of this page of how the basic Poll looks.

Our Next Show

Boston Massachusetts
TD Garden
7 pm - 1 am
Tickets at door
Opening Act- The showmen

[envira-gallery id="245"]

[socialpoll id="2301395"]

Add whatever you want here!

This is a visual editor widget.  It is part of a sidebar named "Home 4 Business".  Sidebars can go on the left or right of pages and you can add what are called "widgets" to them.  The visual editor widget can be customized just like a page.  Add pics, sliders, videos, content, tabs, maps, text, titles, links, buttons and more!  There are also pre-made widgets that you can add to sidebars, like a checkout cart or search bar!  You can even add a Revolutionary Slider like the one at the top of the page.  It must be set to "boxed"...But be careful, too many sliders or images can slow your site down.

Test Button




March 2018
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[socialpoll id="2301395"]


Below, is the poll mentioned in the text above.  You can make this poll smaller.  Just make 2 or 3 columns on the page and put the text element inside.

[socialpoll id=”2301137″]